Monday, December 18, 2006

Grandparents will LOVE a custom snowman family painting with all of the grandkids!

This "Grandparents"snowman family features Grandma and Grandpa with their grandchildren. This always brings a smile to whoever recieves it. You don't have to have the grandparents on in the painting, just the kids, it is up to you. If you have 8+ snowman figures then I would highly suggest ordering the larger 8x10/11x14 size so I have enough room to include everyone.

If you order this type of snowman family and want the kids grouped into families, then I need to know with a special note.

"Grandkids Warm Our Hearts" is a popular phrase for the sign, but you can put whatever phrase in the sign that you like.

I often get asked if I can add a snowman in the future if more kids come along. Unfortunately I cannot do this. If in the future you need to add more kids, I highly recommend ordering a new snowman family. I like to compare it to a family don't paste more new people into a photo that has been taken in the past.... you just get a new one taken.

Show Your Team Spirit With Your Snowman Family!

This is a fun way to show your support for your favorite team. Maybe your whole family loves the ISU Cyclones or maybe you are a Nebraska fan and your wife is a ISU fan. Since I make each one of these watercolors up from scratch I can put individual team colors on the hat and scarves. I often include a message on the nest, such as "ISU Nest", "Iowa Rules", etc. The only limitation for the bird nest is a long word.

You can also personalize your sign to reflect your loyalties. I can also make the snowmen hold little flags and put ISU or Nebraska on them. (Not shown).

This is an opportunity to have some fun with your snowman family and really personalize it so it is unique to your family!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Personalized Original Watercolor Snowman Families

Hello and welcome! This is my first entry on my new snowman family blog.
I have been painting my snowmen famlilies for about 10 years now, and mostly selling them locally. Now that I have discovered blogs I thought this would be a wonderful format for offering my snowmen to the rest of the world!
A little about my snowmen families...Each one is hand drawn and painted by me. I can make the families any size to mirror yours. I can include simple special requests to make them unique and meaningful to your family or whoever you give one too.
I will be posting daily and adding different pictures and ideas as to what you can order. If you would like to order a snowman family the directions are on the left side of this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Thanks for stopping by!